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Svettiga Powder

The powder that stops sweaty feet!

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The powder that stops sweat!

You don’t want to use a cream or you want maximum results? Then Svettiga Pulver is your solution for sweaty shoes and sweaty feet.

The powder stops the smell and perspiration.

By using Svettiga Pulver, bacteria and fungi have no chance. They just take care of the unpleasant smell. Stinky shoes are history.

Your feet remain dry, and the soles of your feet remain supple. Because it is a fine powder that is spread throughout the shoe, you will not see anything of it. It also has no adverse effects on the shoe.

Also suitable for people with swimmer’s eczema / foot fungus.

Contents: 50gr

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How To Use The Package

The Salva

Lubricate your feets with The Salva for 5-8 days after washing and drying them in the evening. Afterward you could use The Salva every 14 days to keep the process working!

The Pulver

The Pulver will kill bacterias, clean your shoes from the inside & prevent sweety feets! Put a tea spoon of the powder in your shoes every evening and The Pulver will neutralize the sweaty smell in your shoes!

The Insoles

A sole special for your sweaty feets! Active Carbon guarantees optimal ventilation and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

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