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Svettiga Kol Insoles

This Kol Insoles keep your foot cool and dry

9.99 Incl. VAT

In addition to our ointment and shoe powder, we have special insoles for sweaty feet. These are “one size fits all” and are also suitable for your shoes! You can easily cut them to exactly the right size.

This Svettiga Kol master alllows a good sweat absorption improving the transpiration of the foot.

Well ventilated, soft and breathable.

Also suitable if you do not wear socks! Because the thin layer of natural viscose cloth absorbs any perspiration with is the main reason of the growth of bacteria, fungi and unwanted odors.

This is a vegan product.

Thickness: 3,3 mm +/- 10%

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How To Use The Package

The Salva

Lubricate your feets with The Salva for 5-8 days after washing and drying them in the evening. Afterward you could use The Salva every 14 days to keep the process working!

The Pulver

The Pulver will kill bacterias, clean your shoes from the inside & prevent sweety feets! Put a tea spoon of the powder in your shoes every evening and The Pulver will neutralize the sweaty smell in your shoes!

The Insoles

A sole special for your sweaty feets! Active Carbon guarantees optimal ventilation and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

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